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The Architecting on AWS Classroom Training (SAA)

The Architecting on AWS Classroom Training (SAA)

Are you looking for the best AWS courses you can take to up-skill your career? We have the perfect pick for you. Yes, we’re talking about the AWS Solutions Architect Course. 

Wondering what it is? We have got your back. Here’s everything to know about the AWS solutions architect course and why you should take it up. 

5 Things To Learn From AWS Solutions Architect Training Online

Managing a company’s cloud computing infrastructure is the responsibility of Solutions Architects (SAs, as they are known at AWS). They are knowledgeable about the architectural tenets and services employed to create technical cloud strategies, support cloud migration initiatives, examine workload architectures, and offer advice on high-risk handling problems.

The AWS Well-Architected Framework pillars are guarded by a SA, who makes sure clients adhere to best practices, guidelines, and suggestions to create cloud solutions that are safe, dependable, effective, and managed with operational excellence. To accomplish this, SAs need a blend of business, technical, and people abilities and knowledge of the constantly changing specialized training that can be advantageous for their team.

Here are five things you can learn from AWS Solution Architect Course: 


An SA must be adaptable and willing to learn each project’s requirements. There will never be two identical projects or clients, so continuing education and a desire to try new things will assist both inexperienced and seasoned cloud architects in giving their businesses the best advice possible. Researching new features and services and tuning in to reliable blogs and discussion boards could be the start of any day early. Cloud architects may be better suited to look for novel approaches to problem resolution if they have a curious mindset. 

Time Management 

Professionals in cloud architecture must have excellent time management abilities. They may meet with customers to discuss issues and needs and then create architectural frameworks to suit those needs. There is no such thing as a regular day because they might spend time in meetings, going to customer sites for discussions, writing scripts, performing migrations, staying up to date on new AWS capabilities through online training, or troubleshooting. As a result, SAs know the need to schedule their days, prioritize activities. 

Communication Skills 

Along the cloud, there are numerous stakeholders and participants, including those who pay the bills, the security team, the technical team, and those who assist in choosing cloud vendors. SAS are encouraged to request a place at the table and to be ready to explain their design to any interested party. Successful SAs can convey their ideas to audiences with little to no technical background while yet connecting them with company objectives and the bottom line.


As previously said, stakeholders seek advice from the SA on their cloud-related issues. By presenting a solid, clear perspective, you can be confident that the organization is in excellent hands and that the cloud solutions you’ve advised are secure, robust, cost-effective, and managed with operational excellence. Being decisive does not always imply being dominant or taking precedence. SAs can offer advice from a serene, in-charge position of subject-matter expertise.

Industry Credentials 

Of course, a SA must also have the technical know-how that forms the basis for cloud architecture planning and administration, including fundamental programming abilities, software development and continuous integration and deployment (CICD), database, networking, security, and more.

An Overview Of AWS Solution Architect Training Course

Architecting On AWS 

Developers, solution architects, and solution-design engineers should enroll in the Architecting on AWS course if they wish to learn about AWS architecture. To create reliable, secure, and highly available IT solutions on the AWS Cloud, you will learn how to distinguish services and features in this course. Depending on the industry, types of applications, and size of the company, a wide range of architectural solutions are accessible. 

AWS Authorized Instructors will emphasize the best practices of the AWS Well-Architected Framework as they guide you through developing the finest IT solutions for real-world issues. Once you finish the course, you will have had experience creating a solution and applying what you have learned. Students preparing for the AWS Solution Architecture Exam can take the training.

Experience You Need: 

  • Completed either the AWS Technical Essentials course or the AWS Cloud Practitioner Essentials course 
  • Understanding distributed systems online 
  • Understanding of fundamental networking concepts 
  • Knowledge of IP addressing and multi-tier architectures 
  • Understanding the tenets of cloud computing

Advanced Architecting On AWS

The Advanced Architecting on AWS course gives a scenario that needs to be handled architecturally in each lesson. You shall consider the AWS capabilities and services provided as potential remedies. You’ll be able to see things from fresh angles by taking part in problem-based talks and learning about the AWS services you can utilize to solve the problems. 

The three-day course covers more than just the foundations of cloud infrastructure and helps AWS clients with various demands. The training modules’ key subjects are cost control, managing multiple AWS accounts, and using continuous integration/continuous delivery (CI/CD) automation technologies. At the course’s conclusion, you will be given situations where you must select the best responses.

Experience You Need: 

  • Familiarity with the essential AWS services in the categories of computing, networking, storage, and AWS identity and access management (IAM) 
  • AWS Certified Solutions Architect certification OR attended the Architecting on AWS classroom course 
  • Possess one year of experience in managing AWS workloads

The Best Place To Learn AWS Certified Architect Course

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