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Data Analytics on AWS

Work On Your AWS Data Analytics Skills With AWS Authorised Instructors

We advise starting with an AWS Learning Plan if you are a newbie looking for a clear starting point to help you increase your understanding of AWS Data analytics certification. You may either complete the Data Warehousing on AWS Course OR go for one/all of the courses below

You may learn about data collection, ingestion, storage, processing, and visualization with this collection of on-demand courses. You may use Learning Plans to prepare for the AWS Certified Data Analytics – Specialty certification.

Choose the courses that interest you or finish the entire plan. Once you’ve completed this plan, you’ll be better equipped to plan and create solutions utilizing AWS services to extract insights and value from data. You will have acquired abilities that will enable you to start working as a developer or data engineer.

Building Batch Data Analytics Solutions on AWS

Do you need to automate time-consuming operations to run and expand your big data environments? By taking the Building Batch Data Analytics Solutions on AWS course, you may learn how to construct batch data analytics solutions using Amazon EMR to maximize performance and cost.

Building Data Analytics Solutions Using Amazon Redshift

The course delves deeply into the Amazon Redshift service and cutting-edge approaches to setting up and running data analytics pipelines that transform raw data into actionable insights. You may speak with knowledgeable AWS instructors to ask questions and receive instant comments that you can use to improve your data analytics solutions. With the knowledge acquired through tutorials, practical labs, discussions, demonstrations, presentations, and group activities, you’ll build a data warehouse analytics workflow based on a real-world scenario.

Building Data Lakes on AWS

Do you wish to use a data lake to create business insights from siloed data stores? Building Data Lakes on AWS, our brand-new one-day classroom course, will give you hands-on experience developing and safeguarding a data lake. You will also learn how to optimize for cost and performance from a knowledgeable tutor.


This certification enables businesses to find and nurture personnel with the essential competencies to carry out cloud activities. AWS Certified Data Analytics – Specialty status verifies knowledge of how to use AWS data lakes and analytics services to extract insights from data.

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The AWS Certified Data Analytics – Specialty exam verifies candidates’ proficiency in building, deploying, and fine-tuning data models, as well as in utilizing AWS services to scale up this process. In this intermediate-level course, learn how to study for the exam by reviewing the subject areas and how they relate to Data analysis on AWS.

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