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AWS Technical Essentials

AWS Technical Essentials classroom trainingCourse

Course description

The AWS Technical Essentials course covers the basics of AWS and specific solutions related to the IT field. The course covers the core fundamentals of AWS relating to computing, database, storage, networking, monitoring, and security. By participating in practical course activities, you will begin working with AWS. For you to choose solutions that satisfy business objectives, the course covers the fundamentals needed to improve your understanding of AWS services. During the course, you will learn how to develop fault-tolerant, scalable, highly available, and economical cloud systems. AWS Cloud Practitioner Essentials test preparation is possible with the aid of this course.


This AWS Technical Essentials Certification course will include the following:

  • Live activities
  • Hands-on Lab Assessments
  • Demonstration
  • Video Illustrations for Better Understanding
  • Frequent Knowledge Checks

Course Objectives

You’ll learn the following in this AWS Technical Essentials Course:

  • Describe the terms and ideas involved with AWS services.
  • Use the AWS Management Console to navigate
  • Explain the fundamental concepts behind AWS identity and access management and security mechanisms (IAM)
  • Recognize the differences between a number of AWS computing services, such as Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (Amazon EC2), AWS Lambda, Amazon Elastic Container Service (Amazon ECS), and Amazon Elastic Kubernetes Service (Amazon EKS)
  • Learn about Amazon Relational Database Service (Amazon RDS), Amazon DynamoDB, and Amazon Simple Storage Service, among other AWS database and storage options.
  • Examine AWS’s networking offerings.
  • Access and set up for monitoring tools in Amazon CloudWatch

Intended Audience

This AWS Technical Essentials course is intended for:

  • People in charge of explaining to clients the technical advantages of AWS services
  • Those looking to learn the basics of AWS
  • Solution designers
  • Developers


We recommend that attendees of this course have:

  • IT experience
  • Basic knowledge of common data center architectures and components (servers, networking, databases, applications, and so on)
  • No prior cloud computing or AWS experience required

Module Breakdown

Course outline

Module 1: Introduction to Amazon Web Services

  • Introduction to AWS Cloud
  • Security in the AWS Cloud
  • Hosting the employee directory application in AWS
  • Hands-On Lab: Introduction to AWS Identity and Access Management (IAM)

Module 2: AWS Compute

  • Compute as a service in AWS
  • Introduction to Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud
  • Amazon EC2 instance lifecycle
  • AWS container services
  • What is serverless?
  • Introduction to AWS Lambda
  • Choose the right compute service
  • Hands-On Lab: Launch the Employee Directory Application on Amazon EC2

Module 3: AWS Networking

  • Networking in AWS
  • Introduction to Amazon Virtual Private Cloud (Amazon VPC)
  • Amazon VPC routing
  • Amazon VPC security
  • Hands-On Lab: Create a VPC and Relaunch the Corporate Directory Application in Amazon EC2

Module 4: AWS Storage

  • AWS storage types
  • Amazon EC2 instance storage and Amazon Elastic Block Store (Amazon EBS)
  • Object storage with Amazon S3
  • Choose the right storage service
  • Hands-On Lab: Create an Amazon S3 Bucket

Module 5: Databases

  • Explore databases in AWS
  • Amazon Relational Database Service
  • Purpose-built databases
  • Introduction to Amazon DynamoDB
  • Choose the right AWS database service
  • Hands-On Lab: Implement and manage Amazon DynamoDB

Module 6: Monitoring, Optimization, and Serverless

  • Monitoring
  • Optimization
  • Alternate serverless employee directory application architecture
  • Hands-On Lab: Configure High Availability for Your Application

Module 7: Course Summary


Is Cloud Wizard Consulting an Official AWS Training Partner?

Yes, we are an official training and consulting partner since 2015. Read more about us on the AWS Partner Portal at this LINK. You may also read about what we do HERE

Who should take up this AWS Technical Essentials course?

Anyone looking to start their career on the AWS Cloud can take up this course. There are no pre-requisites.

How is this course different to AWS Cloud Practitioner Essentials course?

AWS Cloud Practitioner Essentials course is for Individuals who will be more into a hands-on role within their organisation. AWS Technical Essentials course is for IT professionals who are more into Sales/Pre-sales roles and don’t have a need for hands-on practice.

How do I enrol for this AWS Technical Essentials course?

To enroll in this course, choose the starting date and make an online payment. Once your payment is confirmed, our team will reach out to you.

Course Schedule

Course Name Date Register
AWS Technical Essentials 26 Sep - 26 Sep Register
AWS Technical Essentials 03 Oct - 03 Oct Register
AWS Technical Essentials 10 Oct - 10 Oct Register
AWS Technical Essentials 17 Oct - 17 Oct Register
AWS Technical Essentials 24 Oct - 24 Oct Register
AWS Technical Essentials 07 Nov - 07 Nov Register
AWS Technical Essentials 14 Nov - 14 Nov Register
AWS Technical Essentials 21 Nov - 21 Nov Register
AWS Technical Essentials 28 Nov - 28 Nov Register
AWS Technical Essentials 05 Dec - 05 Dec Register
AWS Technical Essentials 12 Dec - 12 Dec Register
AWS Technical Essentials 19 Dec - 19 Dec Register
AWS Technical Essentials 26 Dec - 26 Dec Register

Course Overview

Duration 1D / 8 HRS
Modality ViLT/ Classroom
Course Outline DOWNLOAD
Check Dates CLICK HERE
Price $599.00