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AWS Well-Architected

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AWS Well-Architected Review

AWS Well-Architected allows cloud architects to develop high-performing, secure and resilient infrastructure on AWS Cloud.

Implement Scalable Cloud Infrastructure With AWS Well-Architected Review

Developing a cloud infrastructure has never been easy. While lifting and shifting your work on the cloud seems easier, it’s a whole other thing to optimize your workload on the cloud.

The AWS Well-Architected Review is here to do just that. This framework allows cloud architects to follow the best practices for designing secure, cost-optimized, efficient and sustainable workloads on the AWS cloud. The review will enable you to measure your architect against global practices and identify certain pain points in your workload.

The Pillars of the AWS Well-Architected Review

To closely align your workload with the best global cloud architecture practices, we, at Cloud Wizard, review your infrastructure against these six pillars.

Operational Excellence

The operational excellence pillar is all about monitoring the infrastructure and workload to improve the processes. This pillar is based on critical topics like automating changes, identifying operations, managing standards and responding to events. We help you align your workload by measuring, monitoring and improving operations to offer an enhanced customer experience.


It’s pretty apparent that all cloud infrastructures are susceptible to cyber threats. But, to keep your workload safe and protected, your cloud security strategy must be reliant on AI-generated security insights, logging, automated monitoring, tracing and mitigation. We thoroughly examine your process, team and data to ensure that the practices you follow are foul-proof.


Disruptions in services can sometimes cost a lot. Our Well-Architected review measures how reliable your systems and workloads are. We monitor how long it takes for your system to tackle issues like transient internet connectivity and misconfigurations. We also detect whether your workload can detect failures and heal independently.

Performance Efficiency

A well-Architected review’s performance efficiency pillar identifies which computing and IT resources have been allocated to your systems. This pillar covers resource types and sizes that can better optimize performance, efficiency and workload requirements. .

Cost Optimization

Your effectiveness of cloud strategy depends upon how cost-optimized your measures are. It requires having a clear understanding of your business goals. In fact, it goes way beyond how much a strategy would cost you. Cost optimization is also about how much value that strategy would bring to your infrastructure. Our review framework covers key points like resources’ quantity and scalability.


The sustainability pillar studies how your cloud infrastructure strategy impacts the environment. The review will include studying your sustainability model, the level of impact, reducing resources and maximizing upstream results.

How Can Cloud Wizard Help Improve Your Cloud Strategy?

Our tactics of review are what sets up apart. Our experience and expertise set us apart from the rest. We don’t just review your architecture; we analyze it, optimize it, and transform it to meet your business goals.

With an ongoing partnership with AWS, we aim to transform your cloud community and identify key areas of improvement. In short, we save you time and money in the long run.

Process Of Getting An AWS Well-Architected Review

Three days before the initial review, a statement of work must be electronically signed before the Well-Architected Review may begin. If you don’t finish this, your review will be immediately canceled, and you’ll have to reschedule.

Your Well-Architected Review will cost you USD 5,000, which includes all engagement stages, including the first review, tool evaluation, findings/remediation, and AWS financing support. A payment of USD 2,500 will be received at the beginning of the engagement, and another USD 2,500 will be received when the remediations (which account for 45% of the Crucial Items) have been completed and reviewed.

We will assist you in gaining access to AWS money to aid with the last-minute corrections as part of the project close-out process. In exchange for completing a project customer satisfaction survey, this financing is given to you as a USD 5,000 AWS credit code that may be used against your AWS subscription.

Initial Review

Document the workload by densifying it. Then, respond to a series of inquiries on your architecture concerning the six principles outlined by the Well-Architected Framework.

Who is involved?

  • Our Cloud Architect
  • Our Account Executive
  • Your Project Team

Time Required

30 minutes

Well-Architected Review 

Use the AWS Well-Architected tool to examine and analyze your present solutions, and after that, we’ll assist you in creating fresh, creative goods and services. To acquire a complete picture of your procedure, we speak with those responsible for establishing and maintaining your current environment.

Who is involved?

  • Our Cloud Architect
  • Your Project Team

Time Required

2 Hours

Findings + Reports

We will discuss our research and conclusions, including which areas of your surroundings are well-architected, may use work, and have serious problems. Together, we will develop a prioritized strategy to address 45% of the critical findings from the Well-Architected Review.

Who is involved?

  • Our Cloud Architect
  • Our Account Executive
  • Your Project Team

Time Required

60 minutes

Stay Connected

From development through production and beyond, the Well-Architected Framework was created as a repeatable method to assist you in improving your cloud practice at every level of the process.

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