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Cloud Wizard Consulting is a leader in AWS Training and Certification course delivery, helping individuals and organisations in building the critical AWS skills that they need to run their businesses. Established in 2015, we have enabled over 20,000 people up-skill on the AWS Cloud Platform.

A lack of digital skills hampers the progress of any IT organisation today. For the last 7+ years, we have worked with Small, Medium and Large Enterprises, enabling team across different business units. By providing access to subject matter experts, delivering official AWS Training through Virtual Instructor-led delivery format, we set the stage for the success of our customers, by reducing the Cloud skill gaps. Companies who train their employees, through structured programs, see impacts in onboarding and employee retention higher job satisfaction. This is all driven by the standards, we set for ourselves.

We believe in consistency and maintain rigorous in-house standards, so you receive an exceptional training experience. Only a dedicated learning organisation that specialises on the AWS Cloud can provide this level of satisfaction and training delivery

AWS Training Delivery

We deliver AWS Training and Certification Courses as part of our delivery mandate. The complete list of AWS training courses that we deliver can be accessed at this link. The AWS training and Certification programs are delivered via our Amazon Authorised Instructors. The instructors are evaluated by AWS and are then cleared to deliver AWS Official Training Curriculum. As part of training and skilling, our AAIs work around the year to up-skill themselves on new products and solutions that may be introduced as part of the AWS Training and Certification curriculum.

An official AWS Training classroom course is delivered with an AWS Content E-Kit and Hands-on Labs. The instructors also work to include Virtual instructor-led trainings allows the learners to join training programs from the comfort of their homes. The training program is delivered online using delivery platforms such as Zoom or GoToMeeting. The hands-on labs are accessible over a browser. The course content is created by subject experts at AWS, with capabilities in strategy, digital, technology and operations. For more information on us please visit the link HERE

Learning needs Analysis

If you are looking to build a comprehensive AWS Training and Certification program for your team, then we do a customised Learning Needs Analysis exercise, where we will work with you to identify crucial AWS skills that your team may need to build on further.


If you wish to learn more about our AWS PARTNER PROFILE, the same is available HERE